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Inbev-Stella Artois

Name Of Beer
Stella Artois

Name Of Brewery

Notes and Comments
Originally Belgian but actually brewed in Luton for the British market. Drank for its strength, which is about the same as any continental lager; its a shame we're so used to drinking crap over here cause for some reason this piss is now really popular, In fact its actually considered a quality beer by some retards and is sold at a stupid price so it can be marketed as 'reassuringly expensive'.

I'd like to think that in Belgium this is what tramps drink in doorways and on park benches. This is what you get when you let accountants run breweries.

Inbev is currently advertising Stella as a 'pure' beer containing no artificial ingredients, that might be true but Stella isn't produced in a natural manner - in order to cut costs Interbrew introduced 'high-gravity' brewing whereby a strong wort is produced and then watered down to create the finished product.

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